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Sell Your Used iPhone XR

The iPhone® XR features several noticeable upgrades over the iPhone X, including a larger display, more storage and a wider variety of colors. These enhancements made iPhone loyalists ecstatic, especially those who upgrade with each new release. All these improvements also made the resale values of the iPhone XR among the highest the market has ever seen.

At Gazelle, we can help you get a decent return on your initial investment by buying your pre-owned iPhone XR. Our quick, easy and safe selling platform lets you see how much your phone is worth in a matter of seconds.

Why You Should Trade in Your Used iPhone XR

Many people already know the benefits of selling their old devices instead of trashing them or stowing them away.

The sooner you resell your old phone the higher the return. A higher return on your phone's resale means you can put more money down when purchasing the newest upgrade.

Another great reason to sell your phone to Gazelle is that it is a sustainable choice. When you keep your phone in the user loop, you're extending its useful life and preventing it from becoming e-waste.

Using our selling platform also saves you the time of advertising — and you can avoid the risks of meeting up with strangers from marketplace sites.

How Much Is Your iPhone XR Worth?

Our system allows you to find a quick value on your iPhone XR based on its storage capacity, functionality and overall cosmetic condition. Some of the factors we consider in our final inspection include:

• Battery life.

• Whether the device powers on correctly.

• Any scuffs, cracks and scratches.

• The quality of the graphics.

How to Sell Your Used iPhone XR Online

After you navigate to the sell section of our site and answer a quick set of questions, we'll give you an initial offer on the value of your iPhone XR. We'll also provide you with a free shipping label. Once we receive the phone, we'll perform an inspection to ensure that all the information matches.

If we determine your phone has a higher or lower resale value than estimated, we'll give you a new offer. If you're happy with it, we can send your payment by PayPal, a check or an Amazon gift card. It doesn't get much easier than that!

Why Choose Gazelle?

Gazelle helped to pioneer the electronics reCommerce industry in 2008. Our long list of happy customers gives testament to the superior services and exceptional quality of products we offer. And our buying and selling platform is among the quickest, simplest and most secure online.

Let Gazelle Buy Your iPhone XR Today

What are you waiting for? All it takes to start the selling process is a few easy questions. Fill us in on the details for your estimate.