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Sell Your iPhone 12 Pro

Are you ready to sell your old iPhone 12 Pro and get paid? When you elect to sell your phone to Gazelle, not only are you giving your device a chance at a second life, but you are able to lock in your next device with a little extra money in your pocket. The best part? Our sales service is an easy and safe way to earn money for selling your used iPhone 12 Pro, no matter which carrier you have! All you have to do is answer a few basic questions about your cell phone to get a free price estimate.

Why Sell Your Used iPhone Model 12 Pro Online?

The main advantage of selling your old devices, like your iPhone 12 Pro, is getting paid. You can use this money for the down payment on your next device, or anything you want. Plus, selling your phone to Gazelle is easier than heading in person to a carrier store, listing it on a sales website, or dealing with people from online marketplaces in person. Let's face it, you will save time and get your money quickly.

How Much Is Your iPhone 12 Pro Worth?

Every iPhone 12 Pro trade has a different value based on its current condition. Gazelle looks closely at your device and will check for aspects like: storage capacity, physical appearance, current carrier, and functionality to correctly assess the price you will sell your device for. We also check the specs of your device, like the graphic quality, button and port function, battery performance, boot-up speed and the presence of scratches, dents and cracks.

Even if your iPhone 12 Pro has some damage, you should still check in on a quote from Gazelle. The price of old iPhone devices, specifically iPhone 12 Pro cell phones, hold their value due to the large iPhone market.

How Do You Sell an iPhone 12 Pro?

As you get ready to sell your iPhone Pro to Gazelle, rest assured that the process is easy and stress-free. First, you will answer a few questions about your device, like its capacity and physical condition. From here you'll get an immediate initial price offer for your old device, alongside a prepaid shipping label sent to your email.

Once you have shipped your phone to us, one of our team members will inspect the device to make sure all of the factors are good to go. It is during this check where we determine if your iPhone 12 Pro is worth more or less than your initial offer. Rest assured, we make sure you get a fair offer for your phone. If we determine your iPhone 12 Pro is worth more than your original quote, we'll send you a new offer to accept that reflects this price.

Once we check your phone for and initiate the new price for your devices, we will send you a new limited time offer that you may either accept or reject, and it is here where the trade is made. If you choose the new price for your old device, we will provide payment as a check, an Amazon gift card, or make a deposit through PayPal.

You also have the right to say no, and if you decide to reject our new offer for your iPhone 12 Pro, the sale will become null and void and Gazelle will ship you back your old phone hassle-free.

Why Trade-In Your Old Phone to Gazelle?

Gazelle is a reputable brand that's been in the business of trading devices for cash since 2008. We value transparency and honesty in our sales process. If you choose to sell your iPhone with us, we'll give you an instant offer for your iPhone 12 Pro and guarantee the rate for 30 days.

This will give you a solid date that gives you a chance to send your model in for inspection. If the phone Gazelle receives is the same as the one described, Gazelle will send your cash to your preferred payment method right away with no hidden fees.

Sell Your iPhone 12 Pro to Gazelle Online in a Few Seconds

When you choose to sell your iPhone 12 Pro to Gazelle, you choose to get paid. Our sales process is fast, reliable, and secure. Lock in your price today by telling us your phone details on this page, and have security in knowing that your free instant quote is valid for the next 30 days.

Don't forget to continue to check our website for various promotions.