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Sell Your Used iPhone 14 Pro

As an iPhone user, you know that Apple® is quick to release bigger and better devices each year. If you like keeping up with the newest upgrades, you've likely faced a common obstacle — determining what to do with your previous mobile phone. Instead of letting it take up space and gather dust, you can trade in your iPhone 14 Pro for a portion of what you paid for it.

You can sell your iPhone 14 Pro for fast payment with Gazelle. As your trusted platform for buying and selling used electronics, we provide you with a fast, simple and secure trade-in process you'll love.

Why You Should Sell Your iPhone 14 Pro

Your iPhone 14 Pro cost you considerably when you first bought it, so why wouldn't you get some of that money back? With Gazelle, you can. When you sell your used device with us, you'll experience:

Easy process: Our iPhone trade-in process is super simple, taking only minutes and a few clicks.

Quick payment: When we receive your phone in the mail, we'll assess it and compensate you quickly.

Environmental-friendliness: Throwing away your old phone puts toxic materials into the environment while reselling extends its life span by putting it into a new owner's hands.

Safe selling: Our selling process takes place entirely online, so you'll never have to arrange in-person drop-offs with random buyers.

Money for any purpose: Once you receive payment from us, you can put that money toward the next iPhone or anything else you want.

No extra expenses: You don't have to pay anything when you sell your iPhone 14 Pro with us — we don't charge shipping or other fees.

How Much Will I Get for Trading in My iPhone 14 Pro?

We'll determine how much your used device is worth by evaluating it based on its:

Functionality: We pay more for phones with high-functioning features, such as displays, volume and ports.

Physical condition: The fewer cosmetic flaws your phone has, the more money we'll pay for it.

Service carrier: Phones that aren't locked to a service carrier or have Verizon or AT&T are more valuable.

Storage capacity: Devices with high storage capacities are worth more than those with minimal space.

You can find out how much your iPhone 14 Pro is worth when you get an estimate from Gazelle.

How Do I Sell My iPhone 14 Pro?

When you trade in your iPhone 14 Pro with Gazelle, you'll follow this easy process:

  1. Go to the Sell tab on our website.
  2. Choose your type of phone.
  3. Select your wireless carrier and iPhone model.
  4. Press the “Get an Offer” button and provide answers to the prompts for a quote.
  5. Click “Get Paid” and fill in your email address to receive shipping information and other updates.
  6. Wait to receive confirmation and a final offer after we inspect your phone.
  7. We'll provide payment via check, PayPal or Amazon gift card once you accept our bid.

Why Choose Gazelle for Online Buying and Selling?

At Gazelle, our goal is to provide customers with the most exceptional buying and selling experiences. We're among the simplest, fastest and safest platforms of our kind. When you partner with us to sell your phone, there's zero risk involved on your end — just benefits for your wallet.

Enjoy iPhone 14 Pro Trade-in Deals at Gazelle

If you want money for your old cell phone, you can trade it in for quick payment from Gazelle. You'll enjoy a simple process and secure online environment when you sell your electronics with us.

Trade in your iPhone 14 Pro today!