The great thing about having a social media following is that we always have a source pool for poll statistics. What percentage of people prefer peeling kiwis to eating them? Do you roll your socks or fold them? How many keys is too many on a key chain? We have the power to answer all the important questions, and with that power we decided to figure out what the leading cause of broken phone-itis is. We asked, you came back to us with your broken phone stories, and from there we compiled the three ways most people break their phones:

#1 Dropping Them

Everyone knows this one without having to be told, simply because everyone has broken at least one phone in this way. According to your submissions, 30% of you broke your last phone by dropping it. Were you tossing it to a friend across a room? Were you trying to show off your athletic grace to a room crowded with onlookers? Who is to say – but your phone ended up cracked and on the floor either way.

#2 Other

The ominous “other” category… You wouldn’t believe some of the stories submitted here. The notable culprits have been sinkholes, stalled roller coaster rides, and other causes even stranger, but it seems like strange is abundant this year, because one in five submissions blamed the weird for their incapacitated phones.

#3 Water

Not including toilet/bath-related accidents, water damage is responsible for taking the lives of 18% of your phones. At least with water there is a chance you can dry your phone and save it if you act quickly, and there are tons of different ways to do it. We recommend taking the back cover off your phone (assuming this won’t void your warranty) and submerging the open phone into a bowl of rice.

Broken phone stories are like a rite of passage, and everyone seems to have one or two, but wouldn’t it be much easier to never have a broken phone in the first place? You can’t protect your phone from everything, but below we have listed several tips that’ll help keep your phone alive and valuable when trade-in time comes around.





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