According to our data, current iPad owners are excited about the new iPad release that is just around the corner. Gazelle have had a 86% 321% increase in iPad trade-ins over last Thursday October 3rd. This rush came right after AllThingsD revealed Apple will indeed hold an iPad media event on October 22nd. The brisk volume after only 10 days into the month, indicates that October will be Gazelle’s biggest month for iPad trade-ins this year.

Biggest iPad trade-in day of the year

October 9 represented the biggest day for iPad trade-ins on so far this year. It also marked the third best iPad trade-in day in the past 18 months, behind the iPad 3 and iPad 4 announcement days. Try to keep in mind that we haven’t even had an official invite go out yet! With the iPad 5 set for a major makeover in terms of design and performance, I expect iPad trade-ins to continue to pour in over the next few weeks.

So what do all these iPad trade-ins mean?

We can start by looking at what transpired one year ago around the event. When you compare this to the reactions from last year, Gazelle is seeing a year-over-year volume increase of 5x, as well as a higher percentage of newer generation iPads traded in. The shift towards newer models shows both 4th generation owners and iPad mini owners are ready for an upgrade. Take a look at the chart below to see just how the mix shifted right after the media event was leaked.

iPad model mix post vs. pre event leak [Updated]

Model           Oct. 10 (2013)        Oct. 1-7 (2013)

iPad                      9%                       29%

iPad 2                   27%                       33%

iPad 3                   29%                       17%

iPad 4                   12%                       10%

iPad Mini             23%                       11%

When will the new iPad be released & what can I get for my old iPad?

Apple will most likely unveil a redesigned fifth-generation iPad on the 22nd, as well as a second-generation iPad mini. This means we should see the new iPad models hit store shelves on Friday November 1st. Apple traditionally releases products on a Friday ten days after an event. If you are sitting on an old model and want to upgrade, head over to Gazelle and lock in that offer now as it is good for 30 days.

Check out the “Up To” pricing offered by Gazelle which will cut out a nice chunk of the cost towards your upgrade.





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