After Gazelle put out a call for the weirdest broken phone stories, the gems started rolling in. Top reasons for a broken phone include dropping it (30%) and water damage (13%), with “other” getting 20%. Remember, just because you break your cell phone doesn’t mean all hope is lost. Gazelle pays for certain broken phones, softening the blow that comes with the dreaded phone dysfunction.

Here are some of our favorite stories from those submitted. From acts of nature to our favorite fried foods that ruined our phones, these user-submitted stories might hit home and will certainly make your day.

Our first story is from Leigh K.: “While attending a picnic, I set my phone down on a lawn chair and went for a drink. Suddenly, people starting running and screaming! A huge sinkhole formed and swallowed up my and several other lawn chairs … and my phone!”

Vicky A. may need to place the blame on herself for marrying a sleepwalker: “Going into the kitchen to see what [my husband was doing one night], I found him standing at the kitchen sink running our phone under the running kitchen faucet, soaping it up nicely. He was sleepwalking and thought he was washing dishes.”

Phones can make us too excitable, especially after we get a new one. Ask Brad B.: “I purchased a brand new iPhone and 8-inch chef’s knife on the same afternoon. After activating my phone, I pulled out my knife and started to chop vegetables for dinner. Shortly into that, my iPhone rang for the first time and I was so excited that I dropped my new knife on my foot. It went through my foot, pinning it to the floor. When I reached for my phone to call for help, I knocked it into a sink full of water. I pulled it out and was able to make just one call before it died completely. That day cost me 12 stitches and a brand new phone.”

David P. explains how phones can put roller coasters out of order: “I may or may not have dropped my phone into the inner workings of a major roller coaster, causing us to get stuck upside down in the blazing sun halfway through the ride and putting the coaster out of commission for months. I’m hoping the statute of limitations has expired on any property destruction laws I may have broken.”

Gerald S. warns us that nature may be too strong a force for the iPhone wielding: “As a civil engineer, I was using my iPhone 4S to take pictures at a location. I was engaged in my work and suddenly heard a twig break behind me. I turned around, and I was no less than 20 feet from a GIANT black bear. I shrieked some primal sound and wailed my phone at Momma Bear’s nose. I raced back to the truck … Momma Bear was trotting back through the woods, cubs in tow. I noticed a glimmer from the mouth and looked closer, realizing that the bear now was taking the phone with her.”

And finally, Philip S. lets us know just how dangerous selfies can be … for your phone: “At the Wisconsin State Fair, I wanted to try the deep-fried butter that everyone was talking about. I positioned myself to take a ‘selfie’ with my BlackBerry Bold, and as I bit into it, it burst on the other end, [covering] my phone in butter. There was butter in every crevice of the phone imaginable–including the camera! The phone was still working for a week, but it was leaking butter every time I pressed on the keyboard–perfect for my toast or lobster. It finally died when the butter rendered the trackball unresponsive.”

While these broken phone stories certainly make for some great entertainment, having to replace your phone can be a significant investment. Be careful out there!