Being less than a year old, the Wii U trade-in value is the best of any video game console currently on the market. This is a title it may enjoy for at least a little while longer thanks to its creator’s aggressive pricing strategy.

In a recent interview with GamesBeat, a beta arm of VentureBeat which covers the gaming industry, Nintendo Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Scott Moffit revealed that the Japanese company will not be dropping the price of its next generation console any time soon. Moffit called the system a great value that offers an even better bargain on the heels of the announcements from the competition. His statement effectively shot down rumors of a potential price drop that were swirling in the lead up to E3.

Although the basic set can be found for under $300, Nintendo’s most competitive bundle, the Wii U Deluxe, is currently priced at $350. Microsoft announced that the Xbox One will launch at $499, while Sony will roll out the PS3 at $399. Moffit believes that hype behind these upcoming consoles will attract the attention of cost-conscious gamers, who will hopefully find the U to be a tremendous value by comparison.

Putting a Price on Value

So how much does the Wii U command on the trade-in market? That depends on a couple of factors, including store, bundle variety, and condition. The U’s trade value ranges from roughly $65 to about $220, based on personal research. The latter number stands out to console owners who’ve balked at the fifty bucks they were offered for a 60-gig PS3 in crisp mint condition .

The Wii U trade-in value is on the clock, and it may be safe to say the same for its overall value. Budget-friendly price aside, the system fails to match the competition in some notable key areas, including storage capacity and live streaming, which is not supported on the console. It is also worth mentioning that game developers such as 2K Sports have opted to bypass the Wii U in favor of saving their titles for the PS4 and Xbox One, fueling the fires started by those who have criticized Nintendo’s lack of next generation innovation.

From a speculative vantage point, all eyes will surely be on the Wii U leading into and through the upcoming holiday season. Will Nintendo drop the price for the sake of competitiveness and providing an even greater value? How many gamers will trade in their U console to pony up the cash for a PS4 or Xbox One? Only time will tell.




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