The Best iPhone Cases for Every Occasion

Looking for a new iPhone case? We’ve reviewed some of the best iPhone cases on the market and these are the ones that caught my eyes. Whether you’re looking for something slim, sleek, stylish, waterproof, practical, multifunctional, or any else that you could think of, we’ve got a list of the best iPhone cases for every occasion. You’re going to want to have all of these phone cases at home so you can be prepared for any situation.

iSkin Slims for iPhone 5 – Best for: keeping it thin

iSkin Slim

(image courtesy of iSkin)

The iSkin Slims case is an extremely thin and lightweight case that offers protection for both the front and back of your iPhone 5. It also has an integrated screen shield for bubble-free screen protection. This case is great for slipping into your tight jeans pocket or the inside of your winter coat. It comes in a variety of styles and is also reasonably priced at $30 on the iSkin website. If you’re looking for a simple design and/or an iPhone 5S case, the iSkin Claro is quite similar, has a transparent design, and is equally priced. This is the best iPhone case for keeping it thin – and protecting your phone against scratches and dings – obviously important for it’s resale valuation.

Watershot Underwater Housing for iPhone 5/5S – Best for: swimmers, divers, and the like

Watershot Underwater Housing

(image courtesy of Amazon)

Although this case is priced at $110 on Amazon, it is totally worth the expense because this case turns your iPhone 5/5S into the perfect underwater camera. Whether you’re swimming with your friends and want a fun underwater picture, or you’re diving through the coral reefs and want to capture the “rainforests of the sea” up close, this case can do it all. There is also a Chums Waterproof Camera Float available for $10 on Amazon that would be great to have if you’re taking this device in the ocean. This is the best iPhone case for swimmers, divers, boaters, and the like.

Mophie Juice Pack for iPhone 4/4S/5/5S – Best for: the out-all-nighters

Mophie Juice Pack Plus

(image courtesy of Mophie)

If you’ve ever been out of house and away from a phone charger for more than a few hours, then you know the dreaded “Low Battery” notification is right around the corner. And the last thing that anyone wants while they’re out having a good time is to have their phone run out of juice. That’s why this battery case is well worth the price of $80-$150, depending on model. The Juice Pack is available for iPhone 4 through 5S (excluding 5C). It comes in a variety of colors and models depending on how much “juice” you’re looking for and how much you’re looking to spend. At $120 on the Mophie website, the Juice Pack Plus for iPhones 5/5S is a good price for a case that provides up to an extra 120% of battery life, comes in both black and white to match your iPhone color, and sleek design to fit comfortably in your pocket. This is the best iPhone case for the out-all-nighters.

Annex Holda Discrete Storage Case for iPhone 5/5S – Best for: stylish portable storage

Annex Holda Case

(image courtesy of Amazon)

Additional storage is always a nice feature to have, but even better if the storage is hidden. That’s why this case is the perfect combination of style and practicality. It has a smooth sliding back compartment that can hold two cards – like a card and a license, cash, and a key. It comes in white, black, and pink colors and is available for $40 on Amazon. This is the best iPhone case for stylish portable storage – and ladies who don’t want to carry a purse.

Annex Opena Case for iPhone 4/4S/5/5S – Best for: bottled beer drinkers

Annex Opena Case

(image courtesy of Wal-Mart)

Have you been stuck with a beer bottle to open but had no bottle opener in site? Well, that problem will occur no more with this case. This case has a built-in easy-to-use bottle opener at your fingertips. Simply slide, pop off that cap, and enjoy the thirst-quenching taste of your favorite bottled beverage [read:beer]. This case comes in both black and white colors, and is available for $22-23 at Wal-Mart.

Sporteer Armband for iPhone 5S/5C/5 – Best for: runners

Sporteer Armband

(image courtesy of Amazon)

This isn’t the most elaborate armband on the market, but we believe that it’s the best combination of both convenience and price. For $25 on Amazon (5/5C/5S, 4/4S), you can get a lightweight iPhone armband with a long velcro strap that can stretch for arm size accommodation, a touch sensitive screen for full screen functionality, and an integrated pocket for cards, cash, keys, and anything else you need to carry while you work out.